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No GPU detected


New user, setup 17th Feb.
Program reports no GPU (Radeon 5700xt installed and working perfectly in Win10, shows as it should in Device Manager)
Latest Win10 and Radeon drivers installed.
Reading other comments, I see that the no GPU issue is happening for a lot of people so I assume it's Easyminer and you're aware?
If not, can someone point us newbies at the solution please
Best wishes

Radeon cards needs Opencl drivers
Installed. Use google to find them.
Still we are aware not all cards are supported

Many thanks for the assistance.

It appears, after many hours of searching, that AMD's Windows OpenCL drivers are no longer being supported and as such, on the newer graphics cards at least, they don't work anymore with Easyminer.

I may have more success on Linux so will look at reconfiguring the server when I get time.


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